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Who are the Crypto Content Creators?

image of Jennifer Navarrete and Shaine Mata with Crypto Content Creators logo In the center and the words "Blockchain for Creators" at the topJennifer Navarrete and Shaine Mata are two longtime podcasters each with 15+ years of podcasting experience. We’ve seen podcasting grow from a few techie geeky folks (like us) to a main stream industry. We have seen trends come and go and know with a fair degree of certainty when a winner is coming down the pipe. Which leads us to the world of crypto. We have each been personally dabbling in the crypto space for the last 4 years and are highly intrigued by the growing crypto content creation space.

Our goal with the Crypto Content Creators show is to shine a spotlight on the innovators who are pioneering the space. We are big fans of the “Learn, Share, Grow” concept and will be learning alongside our listeners and viewers as we share what we learn with a goal of collectively growing in this space together.

We are following the Value4Value model pioneered by Adam Curry (Co-Inventor of Podcasting & the Value4Value model among many other things) and co-host John C. Dvorak. This can be seen in action on their No Agenda podcast.

What does Value4Value mean to us at the Crypto Content Creators? It means that as opposed to looking to the traditional ad model to support the show we are looking to you, our listeners and viewers, to support the show IF it provides you with value. We provide you with value. You provide us with what you think that value is worth to you. Hence the term Value4Value.

This returned value can be done by:

  1. Upvoting, commenting, and sharing our content on Hive and Minds.
  2. Direct donation through PayPal
  3. Sending/Boosting SATS inside a Podcast 2.0 Value Block enabled app which can be found on the New Podcast Apps site.

Have questions? Have ideas for the show? Contact us!

Are you or someone you know a crypto content creator? We’d love to have you join us on the show!


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