Time | Talent | Treasure

We are following the Value4Value model pioneered by Adam Curry (Co-Inventor of Podcasting & the Value4Value model among many other things). What does this mean? It means that as opposed to looking to the traditional ad model to support the show we are looking to you, our listeners and viewers, to support the show, but only IF and WHEN the provides you with value.

How can you provide value? Through Time, Talent & Treasure.

When we provide you with value. You provide us with what you think that value is worth to you. Hence the term Value4Value.

As this is a show about crypto content creation, there are several ways you can provide value:

  • Traditional FIAT via PayPal to [email protected]
  • Upvote our content on Hive and Minds
  • Reblog and share our content via blockchain and social media
  • Boost our content when listening via a Podcast 2.0 app (Coming Soon)

Be sure to follow us on Hive and Minds as well as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Weekly Earnings Updates

In the interest of transparency and to show how we as content creators are utilizing the blockchain to earn crypto we will post our earnings here each week. We know the best way to learn is to do and the best way to show success is by sharing. Our first earnings update will be shared during each show day. So be sure to join us!