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Crypto Gaming, Splinterlands, and NFTs

Gaming and NFTs have gotten quite the foothold in the blockchain space. On this episode, we hear from Jordan Navarrete about the boom of interest and skyrocketing value happening in the Splinterlands NFT card game.

Exploring HIVE Communities and the Value4Value Model

Shaine shares his experience and knowledge about HIVE Communities, Tribes, and best practices for success on HIVE. Jennifer goes into an overview of the #Value4Value Model of Time/Talent/Treasure.

Geeking Out To The Max interview with Shaine Mata

Interview with Shaine Mata who shares what prompted him to look into creating content on the blockchain, a word of warning, and the keys to being responsible with the power of ownership.

What You Can Expect from the Crypto Content Creators Show

Join Jennifer Navarrete and Shaine Mata each week as we dive into the world of crypto content creators who are pioneering the monetization model of using blockchain to create their content AND earning crypto while doing it.