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Crypto Gaming, Splinterlands & NFTs with Jordan Navarrete


The content creation space isn’t the only thing you can do on the blockchain. Gaming and NFTs have gotten quite the foothold in the blockchain space. On this episode of the Crypto Content Creators, we chat with Jordan Navarrete. He was playing Splinterlands for months before the recent explosion in interest and value happened in August 2021. Splinterlands is an NFT game on the HIVE Blockchain.

If you play traditional card games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone, then Splinterlands might be right up your alley.

TIME CODES: 1:46 Jordan Navarrete shares why a card game like Splinterlands appealed to him

2:36 Comparing Splinterlands to other card games like Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering

4:38 Splinterlands Daily Quest yields a Yodin Zaku card which has shot up in value from $70 to $400

5:46 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC)

6:59 Lands, Splinter Shards (SPS), and more

8:23 A look at Shaine and Jordan’s Splinterlands accounts

10:24 Axie Infinity on the Binance Smart Chain

13:24 A look at one of Jordan’s recent Splinterlands game plays

17:11 NFTs in the gaming space, burning cards, and Shaine gets a Splinterlands surprise

19:29 Jordan’s Words of Wisdom

20:20 Card Packs and the buy and hold strategy

22:11 Connect with Jordan

22:36 The value of the creating content and gaming on the blockchain

25:32 Close out Visit us at

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S1 Ep3: Exploring HIVE Communities and the Value4Value Model

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In episode 3, Shaine shares his experience and knowledge about HIVE Communities, Tribes, and best practices for success on HIVE. Jennifer goes into an overview of the #Value4Value Model of Time/Talent/Treasure which was pioneered by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak on their No Agenda podcast over 14 years ago.  How this model works for content creators who use a blockchain like HIVE to publish their content. They get lost in weeds when discussion streaming SATS and how the Lightning Network, and Podcasting 2.0 work as part of the Value4Value economy. There may even be a reference to Austin Powers.

If you still feel confused by the idea of how you can become part of the crypto content creation space, you are not alone. As so much of it is being built in real time, there is an element of excitement to watch the plane being built while it’s being flown, but that kind of thrill ride is not for everyone. In the not so distant future these planes will be built for speed and convenience. Until then we’ll make our attempt at sharing what we are learning along the way. You are welcome to strap in and join the wild ride, or you can grab some popcorn and watch from the safety of the ground.


00:08 Welcome

00:51 HIVE Communities, Tribes & the Global Community. Oh my!

26:50 Value4Value

37:25 What’s coming up in future episodes


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