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Season 1, Episode 1 – What you can expect

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Hello World! We are beyond excited about diving into the world of crypto content creation and sharing what we discover with you. Join Jennifer Navarrete and Shaine Mata each week as we dive into the world of crypto content creators who are pioneering the monetization model of using blockchain to create their content AND earning crypto while doing it.


 00:27 Welcome

1:39 Introduction

5:23 What you can expect

10:23 Value4Value https://cryptocontentcreators.com/val…

15:00 Overview of the http://www.cryptocontentcreators.com website

17:08 How and where to connect with us: Hive, Minds, Twitter, Instagram with username @CryptoCCShow

18:25 Creating content on the blockchain = freedom

19:41 Next week’s interview tease with Shaine Mata


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